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The United States Road Show
Students will receive specific information for this project on Monday 4/24. This information can also be downloaded and printed from the "Social Studies folder at the bottom of my webpage. Students will randomly select their states on 4/24. Below is the timeline for this project and its components. Thank you in advance for all that you will do to help your child with this project.
Jesus Christ is Risen today. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Race for Education Day 4/28
Friday 4/28 is Race Day!!!! This will be a day filled with fun, fellowship, and food. We are looking forward to seeing you all there. GO FLAMES!
Our Week at a Glance
Monday, April 24, 2017
Religion - Chapter 11 "We Serve Others" workbook pp. 170-171.
Math - Decimals, Fractions, Money Review
Science - Read and discuss Chapter 7, Lesson 1 "Properties of Matter."
Social Studies - Complete Chapter 4, Lesson 3 Comprehension Check,
Bell Work - Math Minute #96

​Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Religion - Chapter 11 "We Serve Others" workbook pp. 172-172.
Math - Fluency Test (100 multiplication facts / 7 minutes); Measurement Review
Science - Read and discuss Chapter 7, Lesson 2 "Physical Changes."
Social Studies - Chapter 4 OPEN WORKBOOK TEST
Bell Work - Math Minute #97

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Religion - Chapter 11 "We Serve Others" Chapter Review workbook pp. 175-176; Mass @10:05 in the gym - All are welcome!
Math - Geometry Review
Science - Review for tomorrow's test.
Social Studies - NONE
Bell Work - Accelerated Math

Thursday, April 27, 2017
Religion - Chapter 11 OPEN WORKBOOK TEST
Math - Algebra / Problem Solving Review
Science - Chapter 7 TEST

Social Studies - NONE
Bell Work - Math Minute #98

Friday, April 28, 2017
Race for Education Day
Fourth Quarter Goal Check Point Days for Accelerated Math
75% of AR/AM Goals - Friday, May 5th
100% of AR/AM Goals - Friday, May 19th
Fourth Quarter A.M. (Accelerated Math) in the P.M.
AM in the PM will meet only during May. We begin promptly at 2:45 and finish at 4:00. PLEASE be on time to pick up your child.

Week #1
Monday 5/1; Tuesday 5/2; Thursday 5/4
Week #2
Monday 5/8; Tuesday 5/9; Thursday 5/11
Week #3
Monday 5/15; Tuesday 5/16; Thursday 5/18

The most recent Virtus article is available for your reading and response. Please be sure that you are current with all Virtus articles.
An important part of our school community is our Protection of Children training. We have this training for both students and parents. Once parents have been through the initial training that Mrs. Martin and Ms. Jones conduct in August there is ongoing training called Virtus. Virtus is a monthly program of online newsletters on important topics to help you keep your children safe. This newsletter will come the first full week of every month. The Diocese of Jackson and Bishop Kopazc are very committed to the Virtus program. It is important that we empower our students with the knowledge they need to be safe. As parents, it is our responsibility to watch, act, and teach our children about means of possible abuse.
Each month you will need to read the news article. It is our experience that the topics have been relevant to current topics of concern for us. If you fall behind in reading you will not be allowed to participate in activities that include our children such as field trips, class parties, coaching, and sponsoring activities, and sports. If you have any questions about access to your account please let us know. We will be glad to help you, If you know your login you may visit the Virtus website at any time to log-in to your account. The site is www.virtus.org
You should read your article the week it is received. Mrs. Martin will post in principal updates when the article and comes out and when you should have it read. Thank you for your cooperation.
Calendar of Events
April 24th - USA Roadshow Project Information coming home
April 28th - Race for Education Day
Extra Curricular Activities
If your child is involved in extra-curricular activities such as football, soccer, dance, basketball, etc., please let me know. I would love to attend these activities to show support. I may not be able to stay the entire time because I want to see as many students as I can. If you can let me know at the beginning of the week, I will mark my calendar and make every effort to be there. Thanks!
Special Activity Schedule

Monday - P.E.
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday - Spanish
Thursday - Music
Friday - Computer
Vocabulary Lists; Power Points; Study Guides, etc.
 Social Studies
Vocabulary Lists, Power Points, Study Guides, etc.
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